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Society Dog playing guitarSociety Dog Is...

SD pawa place where friends meet

SD pawwhere dogs get to socialize in a safe place

SD pawwhere dogs set an example for good behavior in public

SD pawabout maximizing your time, exercise, and socialization with your dog in tow

SD pawa night out with your dog when the dog parks are closed

SD pawfinding answers to your dog questions through your Society Dog friends or Society Dog Pre-Furred Merchant experts

SD pawabout receiving group benefits from associated businesses

SD pawhaving someone help you and your dog during a crisis

SD pawa place where your dog stories are appreciated

SD pawjoining together in support of a major cause and making a difference in the lives of pets

SD pawpositively affecting the world and it’s opinions and attitudes on dogs

SD pawtherapy after a long day of work

SD pawyear round enjoyment with your dog, even when the weather isn’t perfect

SD pawa shoulder to cry on and people who care when your dog’s short life comes to an end

SD pawspending quality time, particularly when you only get two days a week in the custody case over your dog

SD pawfinding your "pack" and people who can relate to your relationship with your dog

SD pawbuilding a respected dog community that fosters a stronger bond between people and their pets

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